Reducing Wrinkles Naturally

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Everyone wants to look young and vibrant but when those fine lines and wrinkles start appearing on your face, you probably feel that you are getting old and much worse, look old.


Fine lines and wrinkles can make you look older than your actual age

Aside from genes and health, lifestyle is a main factor that can speed up the process of aging. When you are young, you feel that you are invincible and a source of endless energy. Activities like partying, smoking, and drinking are so much fun when you are still in the prime of youth and many people can’t seem to get enough of it but these activities will eventually take its toll on your looks and will make you look older faster.

You can either get rid of wrinkles through botox injections, facelifts, and other types of plastic surgery but the ends results does not really guarantee that your face will look younger. More often, plastic surgery has negative side effects and will make your face look plastic, hard, and expressionless. Also, note the fact that surgery can cost thousands of dollars.

If you have a hard time aging gracefully or you just want to maintain a youthful appearance, maybe delay or turn back the clock a couple of years or so, here are ways to naturally get rid of wrinkles:

Avoid Smoking, Drinking, and Too Much Partying

This is something you already probably know but has a hard time following. Cigarettes contain harmful ingredients like tar and cigarette smoke contains free radicals. Free radicals damage healthy cells and can even cause cancer.

Too much alcohol can cause damage to the liver.

When you party too much, you’ll encounter lots of people drinking and smoking which is will not be good for your skin and health.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Having that bronzed, sun-kissed tan is the dream of many fair-skinned women but soaking in too much sun can age your skin fast, as in very fast. Sun rays contain harmful UV rays which damages the skin, speeds up aging, and can cause skin cancer, remember tanning mom?

Make sure you always use sunblock and avoid staying under the sun during midday. Use hats, scarves and wear sunglasses. The skin under the eyes are particularly sensitive and can wrinkle easily.

Use Cosmetics with Care

Cosmetics and makeup contain chemicals and many of those chemicals can be harmful to our skin. Paraben is a chemical widely used as a preservative for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Parabens has drawn controversy because research has shown that this chemical can cause cancer having been found in breast cancer tumors.

Some cosmetics, like lipstick contain lead which can have harmful effects like poisoning and damaging the skin.

Moisturize and Hydrate Your Skin

Dry skin can easily crack and form wrinkles. Moisturizing and hydrating our skin regularly can slow down the formation of wrinkles and keep the skin supple and young looking. Imagine an apple drying up because of moisture loss, the same goes for our skin if it is not hydrated and moisturized.

Drinking lots of water can keep the skin well-hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to be well-hydrated.. Drinking enough water not only hydrates the skin but also cleans out the harmful toxins in our bodies that can cause the formation of free radicals.

To further learn how to naturally reduce wrinkles, check out the video.


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Home Remedies to Grow Your Hair Fast

Growing hair fast is quite a feat and not all woman are blessed with locks that seem to grow an inch long overnight. There may be artificial alternatives to sport long hair like wearing a wig or weave or hair extensions but nothing beats the all-natural long hair.


The main dilemma in growing hair fast is finding a way to stimulate hair follicles so that it would be encouraged to produce and grow hair. Once those follicles get stimulated, expect fast growing hair.

And to stimulate those follicles and your scalp, here are 10 home remedies that you can do at home and rest assured you can expect great results:

The Scalp Massage

Blood carries nutrients to the different parts of our bodies and that would include the scalp. Maintaining a healthy blood flow to the scalp can be achieved by massaging the scalp regularly. Blood flow stimulates the hair follicles which in turn promotes hair growth. Massaging a deep conditioning hair mask or hot oil treatment into the scalp once a week can guarantee faster growing hair.

When applying oil to your scalp or hair, preferably it should be warm. Afterwards gently rub your scalp with your fingers in a circular motion for 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse off.

A Healthy Diet

You cannot have fast growing hair or even beautiful hair without proper nutrition. The saying that “you are what you eat” is definitely true in this case. You’ll needs rich in Zinc, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin B complex, Selenium, and Vitamins A, B, C to grow your hair faster.

You can find these vitamins and minerals in foods like eggs, chicken, cheese, milk, grapefruit, avocado, salmon, broccoli, yogurt, cabbage, bell peppers, whole grains, and green leafy vegetables to name a few. Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are the best for hair growth since the hair shaft is comprised of about 3% omega-3 fatty acids.

The Aloe Vera Treatment

Aloe vera is a very popular plant when it comes to growing hair faster and not only that it is also known to fight dandruff. Since the time of the Egyptians, aloe vera has been used for many medicinal and beauty purposes. It is rich in Vitamin C, A, B1, B2, , B6, B12, and contains at least 20 minerals which are the main elements for hair growth.

Notice that many shampoos and conditioners contain this cactus-like plant as the main ingredient. You can directly use the aloe vera plant by:

  • Squeezing its gel into your hair, massage it into your hair and leave it on for a few minutes.
  • Chop the leaves into several pieces put it in a basin of water, leave it overnight and use that water to wash your hair
  • You can also mix aloe vera with honey, apply it onto the scalp, leave it on for about 20 minutes and rinse.

Live A Stress Free Life

Stress does not only affect our mood but also manifests in our bodies, physical appearance. If you are stressed out, most likely your hair growth is also affected. Having a bad hair day does not just mean being in a bad mood because of stress, your hair probably also looks bad because of stress.

Remove clutter in your life and de-stress yourself and you’ll not only have beautiful hair that grows fast, your face will also look a few years younger without stress.

Exercise and try yoga to remove stress from your life. Avoid thinking negative thoughts and always stay positive.

There are a whole lot more ways to grow your hair fast but I don’t have enough time to discuss them all but do check out the video I found for you peeps.


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Some Tips On Stress & Hair Loss

Stress is the number one enemy that takes away enthusiasm and energy. It also causes lots of health problems, and even beauty problems like hair loss. Once that stress hits and you start to lose your hair, suddenly you find yourself wondering if those hair treatments work, and saying to yourself “does rogaine foam work”? Well, you should avoid those issues altogether and reduce stress right away. Stress can make one lose the motivation, a cause of major fatigue, and a symptom for the onset of an illness.

Almost all are prone to stress. The way men handle stress is the important thing. There are lots of resources found in print media and the internet that recommend ways on reducing stress. Some suggest a proper nutrition, doing a certain exercise, or performing meditation. All of these are all good choices in reducing stress. What you need is to make the choice.

Exercise is one great stress reducer as it makes the mind focus, keeps the body moving, and increases the level of energy. Exercises can either be done at home or in the office. Most can be doing without the use of equipment.

There are other ways of reducing stress. What is important is that you do it regularly and with gusto.

Men are often troubled by health problems and beauty problems as they age. By beauty problems, I’m referring to baldness or gaining weight. And this stuff can be fixed by just picking up some rogaine foam for men or hitting the gym. But health problems aren’t so easy to fix. One such problem is diabetes.

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